About us

UCD's Student Radio Station

BelfieldFM is University College Dublin’s student radio station. The station began broadcasting in 1990, and as such, is the longest running student radio station in Ireland. It was initially run as a part of the UCD Students’ Union, under the remit of the entertainments office, before becoming an independent entity within the Students’ Union. BelfieldFM disaffiliated with the SU at the end of the 2011/2012 college year and is now run independently within the UCD Societies Council framework.

The station forms part of UCD’s Student Media Network, along with The University Observer, The College Tribune, and UCDTV (formerly Campus Television Network). The station is run by nine volunteer staff and many more contributors who work on the production, research, and hosting of the station’s radio shows.

The station broadcasts live from the Student Centre from the BelfieldFM studio located in the yellow radio station across from the societies corridor, affectionately called ‘The Pod’. BelfieldFM has had some presence on campus for the past twenty years; however it now operates on a full-time basis.

Since disaffiliating with the SU at the end of 2011/2012, the station has been organised and managed by an individual elected by members of BelfieldFM. The station is currently run by a Committee of nine elected BelfieldFM members.

Our Committee

Station Manager – Aoife Holland
Secretary – Rory Galvin
Treasurer – Declan Coles
Events Officer – Leah Byrne
Liaison Officer – Sophie Melia
Technical Officer –
Luke Geraghty
General Production Officers – Cian O’Farrell, Alannah Nic An TSionnaigh, Ava Bracken